Hello 2016!

Well, our family made it to Costa Rica safe and sound. We arrived on Monday, and so far we are loving it! I won’t bore you with too many details of our flight, but overall I’d call it a success. The airport was semi-challenging, but we gave them food and all was well. 

Maddie was super excited about the plane ride but she fell asleep before it even took off. Kenzie zonked out within a few minutes of taking off, so my pictures on the plane are limited as I wasn’t willing to risk waking up the baby. Pretty uneventful flight though. They both woke up about 30 minutes before landing, which was just enough time for another snack. I’m sure I won’t get this lucky twice, so my next blog post post-flight with two kids should be a little more interesting. 

So far, I’m loving Costa Rica. The view from our home is beautiful. I snapped a sunset pic from Maddie’s window (through the screen) the night we arrived. Everyone in our neighborhood is really friendly, too. I think I’ll stay for at least two years :).  

Our mornings are spent in the playroom with a warm cup of coffee for mom. The coffee is really good here. We then head to our neighborhood park, followed by a picnic-style lunch in our covered garage.  We hang out in the pool in the afternoons. Of course, I manage to grab some pictures of the girls during our “busy schedule.” 


We’ve only ventured out of the neighborhood a couple of times. We don’t have a car yet and Scott takes the rental to work. He was off yesterday and today, so week one included trips to PriceSmart (totally Costco) and Wal-Mart. I think we are going to buy a car tomorrow, so that shouldn’t be stressful at all...

My 365 project is off to a great start. Here is where I am so far! 

I promise my blog posts will get more interesting as we get settled in! For now, I’ll just leave you with some eye candy.