Travel, Travel and More Travel

Oh no. I’m behind on blogging. My excuse is that we’ve been super busy these past two weeks! We went back to the U.S. for Scott’s cousin’s wedding. We flew into Orlando last Thursday. As always, food entertained my children in the airport and the plane ride consisted of lots of snoring. Can’t complain. Maddie was there too, I promise. I guess she wasn’t in the mood for pictures (shocker…)!



The family drove to Tybee Island on Friday morning. The goal was to get to the rehearsal dinner by 4 p.m. but Kenzie decided to gag herself and puke all over her car seat that morning, so we were late. Sorry guys, but I didn’t get a picture of the vomit-filled car seat – maybe next time?


Surprisingly, the kids were amazing during the car ride too. Scott was a trooper also, although he was getting royally annoyed with my camera. He kept asking why I was taking pictures of the road and road signs and kept asking what I was going to do with them. He’s totally right, because I haven’t even looked through any of those images yet but I will edit ONE for this blog post because seriously, why do I need more than one picture of a road sign?


I did something completely out of my comfort zone and photographed the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids getting ready the morning of the wedding. I now know I don’t want to be a wedding photographer. (Although I should never say never, right?).


Maddie and Kenzie were flower girls at the wedding and my cute little nephew, Mason, was the ring bearer. I may be biased but I think they are the cutest little flower girls/ring bearer combo I’ve ever seen. They all made it down the aisle (well, my girls needed a little help from dad) but didn’t last one minute into the ceremony. Thank God they had a videographer, because I missed the entire thing. Can’t wait to watch the video, Ashley! I’m sure the ceremony was lovely!


The morning after the wedding started a 7+ hour drive from Tybee Island to Fort Lauderdale. I have to admit I was DREADING that car ride, but my goodness my girls were PERFECT. I mean, PERFECT. Not one tear, not one fight, not one tantrum and lots of snoozing. I’m still in shock – maybe they partied too hard the night before?


We went all the way down to Fort Lauderdale because my parents flew back to Costa Rica with us on Monday! They spent the entire week here, and it was amazing! We took a trip over to Jaco Beach. It was beautiful! I snapped lots of beach pictures right in our backyard.


We also did a day trip to Manuel Antonio. This sneaky little monkey is a theif! We caught him trying to steal someone’s watch right out of her bag while she was swimming! It was really surreal to just see monkeys all over the beach, but so cool! It was NOT cool though. It was SO HOT! Maddie was a trooper and walked the entire way down to the car (a 20 minute walk maybe) but she was so sweaty at the end as had to reward her with some ice cream!


On the way back to Jaco, we stopped at this awesome restaurant with an airplane inside. She had SO MUCH FUN (who wouldn’t?)! Also, check out the AMAZING view from the restaurant! So freaking beautiful!


When we got back, the old men went boogie boarding and I had fun trying snapping some pictures.

Overall, we had such an amazing week and I’m sad it’s over. Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the weekend. And someone said it was snowing/cold back home in Florida, so sorry if these are making you really jealous! If it makes you feel better, we are all a little sunburned. J


Bye for now!