May Madness! (Or, Laziness. Not sure...)

It’s hard to believe that May has passed and June has begun. The family didn't really venture out to anywhere super interesting last month (with the exception of Sarchi which I will elaborate on later). Rainy season has begun, so we’ve been spending a lot of time at home. I told Scott that I will start to get out more once I get myself (and the girls) a pair of Hunter rain boots. It’s a necessity living in Costa Rica, right? :) 

In an effort to stick with my goals, I’m going to make this post picture-heavy as opposed to heavy on the words. Many of these will be repeaters of images I’ve already shared with a few other’s scattered in. 

Disclaimer: I'm three glasses of wine in. I can not be held accountable for my grammar in this post. 

Our trip to Florida was so much fun, but it was also nice to be "home." I still struggle with calling Costa Rica home. The truth is, I miss home every day. But, there are so many things that I love about this place too. The girls and I spend a lot of time at our community pool, so that had to be one of our first stops, of course. I bought some chalk while I was in the U.S. and Madison had fun coloring her wagon on the way to the pool. Poor girl only got to swim for probably 10 minutes, because I heard thunder almost immediately, so our pool trip was cut short. She still had fun though, and I managed to snap a couple cute shots. 

It's rainy season here, so we spend a lot of time inside. Kenzie is at the age where she is starting to really show her personality (a.k.a. attitude). The girls fight over pretty much everything, and the truth is Madison and Mackenzie split the role of instigator about 50/50. But this is proof that Madison is growing up and has a sweet heart. When Kenzie gets hurt, she is genuinely sad and tries to comfort her. It's the sweetest thing ever. This was an after wipe-out hug that I managed to capture, followed by a super happy three year old with popcorn! <3

My big girl has been been loving her bike lately. She always wants to go for a ride around the neighborhood. Apparently we had a day with no rain, so out we went. Gosh, she is cute! 

I'm so very lucky to have made some amazing friends here in Costa Rica. Melissa invited us over the week we got back. It was my first trip to her house, about 30 minutes away. I'm thrilled to report I didn't get lost AND my car made it up the super steep hill to her home. She will deny such "steep" hill, but remember, I'm from flat Florida. I was legit concerned my car wouldn't make  it. She and her husband just laughed at me, and I have to admit I laughed too. She had this amazing orange wall with the yummiest light, so I had to take some photos on our play date. She is also an amazing photographer. You should check out her work. 

The next play date I went on was at my friend Lisa's house. She had this brilliant idea to to give the kids paint. In her living room. Hey -- at least I got some adorable photos out of it. 

Madison was the "VIP" at school our first week home. This means she got to bring home the class "pet," Isabella. We had fun with Isabella for a week, but I'm pretty sure she gave Kenzie Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, because it was going around her class the week prior. More on that later...

Remember the awesome photographer friend I mentioned above? Well, her son, Nic, turned 1 so we were invited back for a fun party! My trusty Hyundai made it up the hill again, and we had SO much fun at his fiesta. 

I remember when I shared this one I asked if you thought if they were playing or fighting? Notice picture 3. There is your answer. Most of the time, the answer is fighting! :(

Except here they were genuinely being nice to each other. They were watching Lion King on the iPad in my bathroom. Why? I have no flipping clue. But the light looked lovely so off to grab my camera. (I know, stop with the reflections! I can't help it people! My floors just do this!!!!)

So, Kenzie got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. I blame Isabella, the class pet. Luckily, we had a super mild case, but I still kept her inside for almost one week because this sh*t spreads like the plague and I didn't want to infect any of our friends. 

Even though she was sick, she was still so smiley. <3

I managed to take her outside for her 18 month photos. The shoot didn't last long though, because a volcano erupted and there was ash everywhere. When we got home from this little photo shoot there was ash in her neck rolls LOL. 

Lots of rainy days in Costa Rica, (plus, tons of volcano ash) means we did a lot of baking, and cleaning. Haha (or should I say, jajaja). 

She was really itching to get outside and play. 

Saturday finally came around, and that meant it was time for our new tradition, breakfast at Taco Bar. OMG it's sooo good. Kenzie was clearly enjoying her Fresa drink. "Don't even think about taking this from me, Mom!"

Another fun thing we've been doing more is dancing. I figured out YouTube works on my AppleTV and I stream music all day. The girls LOVE putting their ballet outfits on and dancing. It's always the top country songs. I know, We are the definition of Gringo here. LOL. 

Ahh, it was FINALLY time for an adventure! We went to Sarchi,  a small town about 40 minutes from us, with the Bloomers. They hand paint these beautiful oxcarts. I want one! Maddie was obviously more impressed with her Pringles than anything else, but it was really a cool place and we had a lot of fun. 

After lunch in Sarchi, we went to a butterfly garden and met the biggest caterpillar ever. 

Scott went golfing that Sunday, so when he got home I made him go to Wal-Mart to buy the girls a trampoline. Kenzie was obviously happy about this decision. 

Maddie also had her first school show. It was so cute, they sang and danced and Maddie clearly wasn't on her best behavior. 

We've got a nice little morning routine going. I work out every morning (I do the 21 day fix workouts) and Kenzie plays while I'm exercising. She loves to "workout" too. The funniest thing is I always skip the yoga workout but somehow she knows how to do yoga. Totally confused, but at least it made an adorable photo. LOL

Some adorable morning shots. I think I might be in the market for a second twin bed soon...

We went back to Taco Bar last weekend and Maddie brought her camera. She's totally mine, obviously <3. 

Birthday parties are a big deal in Costa Rica (apparently) and we had so much fun at Eli's fifth birthday party last weekend. It was complete with a giant waterslide, and a complete spa with manis and pedis for the kids, massages, masks, etc. We had a blast!

Kenzie sported her red, white and blue on Memorial Day. I remember when Maddie wore this tutu dress. Gosh, they grow up so fast!!! How is Kenzie wearing this already???

My little princesses love to dress up and eat cake. Shocking, huh?

And, finally, May came to an end. I'm glad we ended on such a positive note -- my girls really do love each other. And my gosh, I love them too!