The Importance of Generation Photography | Orlando Lifestyle Photographer

Every year around the holidays, I ask my mom what she wants for Christmas. Since photography has become such a strong passion of mine, gifts usually incorporate photos of some sort – but in the past it has just been of the grandchildren. Last year, I encouraged my mom to get in the frame, and I’m so glad she (hesitantly) accepted.

I have to admit, the pressure of doing an entire session with my own children (and my mom) is SO intimidating. I remember driving to the field where we were heading, Madison had already fallen asleep in the car, Mackenzie was throwing a tantrum of some sort and we were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. “It’s a sign!” I said. I was almost ready to turn around and go home. I pretty much knew it would be torturous.

There is this syndrome that photographers speak of. It’s called “Photographer’s Child Syndrome.” It’s real. Google it if you don’t believe me. Because it was a gift for my mother, I decided to keep on driving and just see how things would play out. My nephew, Grayson, and sister were waiting for us. Kristen is a photographer as well, and Grayson has moments when he exhibits “Photographer’s Child Syndrome” as well. I knew I was in for a treat!

I don’t dare to claim the session was easy. These three kids were certainly my worst clients to date (I can say that, because I love them dearly and it’s true!). I’m pretty sure I captured every split second where there wasn’t screaming, nose picking or fighting -- but the sweat and tears were SO worth it in the end.  

The best part is now my beautiful mother has professional pictures of all of her sweet grandchildren, who she adores more than anything. Generation photography makes such a wonderful gift, and Mother’s Day is coming up soon! If you’d like more information about the collections I offer, contact me!