Good Times With Friends and Family -- Fiesta(s) for Madison plus Our Short Trip Home

I figured a picture of delicious coffee was a great way to start this blog post, because goodness I need some coffee right now to help me edit the month (plus) worth of photos I have. Each time I sit down to tackle this blog, I try to remind myself that I will appreciate having this all documented once this crazy adventure is over. It's hard to see that right now though, because I'd much rather take a short nap during baby's nap time than do this. Anyway, here it goes (with coffee in hand, of course.)

After Maddie turned four, we stayed around for a couple of days before heading to the USA. There were some big things that we needed to take care of, including breakfast at KB's favorite place, Picnic. 

Of course, we also had to dress up in our finest ballerina outfits and play "I'm so stinking adorable" for mom. Kenzie REALLY loves that game, probably because she's so darn good at it!

Kenzie isn't the only adorable ballerina around here. Maddie decided to do a sunset cruise on her little red tricycle. Of course, I took my camera. We have some killer sunsets here. 

My friend KaraBeth and I went shopping to buy food and decor for the upcoming Fiesta for Maddie, Grady (her son) and Jacob (another friend's son.) I couldn't leave without buying this doll bathtub for Kenzie (along with a bunch of other crap I don't need.) I was a big fan of Pequeno Mundo initially, but I don't think I'll go back because every toy I purchased there has since been broken. 

I'm trying to work on my macro photography. Goodness, it is SO much harder than it looks. Remember initially I vowed to do one macro shot per week? Haha, yeah, that worked out well. I really should start to attempt that again. I'm at the point where I feel like my images are getting stale in my 366, same thing, different day. Its so difficult to get 366 unique images in a year. I will continue attempting macro. I will continue attempting macro. I will continue attempting macro. 

We had a little birthday party for Maddie and her friends Grady and Jacob. Jacob turned three, Maddie four and Grady six. The kids (and adults) had a blast. 

The day after the party was a rainy one, so we spent most of the day inside, snuggled in bed. Not too horrible, huh? I also spent some time packing, because we were heading to the USA the next day! Wahoo!

These two were SO good on the plane and in the airport. Yes, I gave them tablets. Judge away. 


We landed safe and sound, spent one night at my parents' house in Fort Lauderdale and woke up early to drive to Orlando so Scott could get to work in the Orlando office. The girls and I played at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It took them no time at all to get into all of their toys and mess up their room. I can't complain though, because they were playing so nicely! At least the pictures make it seem that way. I really don't remember. 

More random shots from Grandma and Grandpa's house. Isn't my new bracelet beautiful? Such a thoughtful gift from my mother-in-law, Rhonda. 

There were some other important things on the agenda while we were in Orlando. Madison had her four year checkup, and she checked out just fine, of course. Many of you don't know this, but I was a nervous wreck because about 4 months ago Scott and I noticed a small lump on Maddie's head. It's been growing so my mommy nerves were sky high, but the doctor assured us it's just a cyst and nothing to worry about. We will monitor it, but I'm so thankful I can stop worrying. 

We also swung by Grandma Luella's place (Scott's grandma) for a visit. <3 <3 

The next day, it was back to South Florida to spend time with Aunt Jessica, Uncle Donald, Mason and Everett! Jessica picked an amazing little children's museum for the kids to play. It was adorable and perfect. The girls LOVED spending time with their cousins. Apparently, I mostly took pictures of Mackenzie only, but I got one group shot of the brothers and their kids. A photo to cherish forever. 

And just like that, it was time for Maddie's third fourth birthday party (spoiled, huh?). Actually, this was another joint party for Grayson (turned one) Mason (turned two) and Maddie. Everyone had fun up until the last second of the party, when lightning struck and the thunder was so loud that all the guests darted out within one minute. 

Even though I was sad that the trip was coming to an end, I couldn't have picked a better place to spend my last day: on the boat and beach with friends and family. In addition to my mom and dad, Kristen, Gary and Grayson came along, and so did my friend Meghan and her son Colin. After the beach, the kiddos played in Maddie's room. The kids had so much fun -- the proof is in the pictures. 


And just like that, our short trip back home was over. Back to Costa Rica we went. Kenzie snoozed in daddy's arms, and the girls immediately demanded their two favorite places as soon as we walked in the door: their playroom and the park. We obliged. 


Originally, I planned to blog until I was up to date, but Kenzie just woke up, so I will pause here and pick back up next time.