A Family Story in Golden Light | Orlando Family Photographer

Fall family sessions are in full swing — and I just delivered this family’s gallery of photographs. I know I’ve been slacking on the blogging, but a session like this was just the motivation I needed to get back to it.

Telling you I loved everything about this shoot would be an understatement. Words can’t even express how much I enjoyed hanging out with this adorable family of four last weekend in central Florida. As you can see, the two little boys are the cutest — and mom and dad are some of the most beautiful (inside and out) people I know. And, y’all, they drove all the way from Tampa to meet me in Oviedo. From the mouth of of the girl who thinks driving anyway farther than 15 minutes is “so far away,” that meant a lot!

I sent mom the pin of the location I selected for our time together. When she pulled into the empty grass parking lot, she had commented about how this space was pretty basic — and not in a negative way at all, she was just making an observation and said it with a laugh. She trusted me, and she knew I knew what I was doing, but her comment really stuck with me, because so often clients (and photographers) search for these elaborate spots to shoot and, in my opinion, it’s just not necessary. All I need is some grass and trees, space for kids to run and play, and some golden light of course.

So, warning to future clients — I may ask you to meet me in an empty parking lot, or at a gas station, or at any other random place I find. But, I assure you, I have a vision and I have an eye for light. I location scout every time I’m on the road, or going for a walk — always thinking in my head if that run-down lot of nothing would be a good space for golden hour photos, or sunrise photos, etc.

And, if I do say so myself, this spot I’ve been eyeing for a while was pure perfection. And so was this family. I’m so thankful they chose me to take their family photos this year, and hope I get the opportunity to document these boys growing as the years pass.