To Grandmother’s House We Go - April Adventures 2 of 2.

You know the thought of traveling alone with two kids? Sounds fun, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so. That’s why we fully took advantage of Grandma’s return flight to Orlando and crashed her party by joining her on her flight. This was a completely last-minute trip home (our renter moved out and we needed to head back to prep the home for our new tenant) but we ended up making the most out of it. The girls and I stayed for almost 3 weeks, and Scott met us there toward the end of the trip. 

Let’s reminisce… 

The flight was great. Both girls were very behaved on the plane. Some jerk did move and accused Maddie of kicking his wife’s seat while I was trying to get Kenzie to sleep, but Grandma said he was full of it and just wanted to move to the seats with more room, and that Maddie did no such thing. Not sure who to believe here but I will side with family and say she was a perfect angel.  

We stayed in Orlando for a couple of days, and one of our first stops was Mary’s Nails for Madison’s first pedicure. We also, of course, hit up the neighborhood splash pad. Oh, and Target. <3

Next, we made the drive down to Fort Lauderdale to visit my parents and other family down there. This means we spent a LOT of time in Grammy and Pop Pop’s pool, the park, and with cousin Grayson. 

We also spent time with our friend Melissa and her daughter Summer. We made pudding. I would consider this one of my best ideas yet. It was a success, clearly. 

The Pompano Beach splash Pad was also on the agenda, of course. And this time, with snow cones :)

But, all fun things must come to an end, and it was time to head back to Orlando because DADDY WAS COMING! 

Did I say all fun things must come to an end? That’s a lie. We were in Orlando! That means it’s time for DISNEY!!! And, guess what our bonus was? Cousin Mason came with us!!! How awesome is it that the timing worked out perfectly that we got to sneak in a quick visit with Uncle Donnie and a weekend with Mason while we were in the U.S.??? They live in North Carolina so we don’t see them often. Mason made this particular Disney trip super special. It was his first time, and I took my job of documenting this special occurrence very seriously! I have way more pictures of him than of my own kids, but that’s OK. We will just have to go back later this summer. 


Playdates are one of my favorite things about visiting home. Not only do the kids get to see their old friends but I get to re-connect with mine. Here are a few highlights from our Orlando playdates. 

And then, the STOMACH BUG HIT US. I will spare the details, i’m so sorry but I didn’t get pictures, but it was BAD.  First Grandma, then me, then Scott, then Grandma and it ended with Maddie. I’m not sure how on earth Mackenzie was spared but I’m very thankful for that and that it is over. 

Before our trip came to an end, I had to take the girls to our old house. At first, Maddie wasn’t so sure about it. She didn’t understand why we were in there and didn’t understand why we could’t stay, but they did have fun running around in the empty house and of course I snapped a few pics. 

Mother’s Day came quick, and it was time to head back to the Pura Vida. But, there was some major, depressing, business in order that had to be done before I left. I had to send my camera in to get fixed. This is my third child. The thought of parting with her for almost a month made me sick. I held onto her as long as I could, but it needed to happen. I’m SO thankful to have amazing friends, one of who let me borrow his camera until mine is fixed. So, the 366 is continuing this month while I learn to get used to shooting with a different body. Thank you again, Gil, for your generosity. 

We made it home safe and sound, and I even got some cute pics in the airport of the kids. As you can see, I had some focus issues (getting used to a new camera is tough) but they are perfectly imperfect to me. 


Pura Vida!