Six Weeks of Summer Vacation in 213 Pictures

Oh, blogging. How I’ve missed you! I’m shocked at how fast our summer vacation has gone by — even with our un-planned two week extension! I’m currently sitting in the passenger seat making out last drive back from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale this summer and I’m using the time to cull though my 20 thousand photos and blog about our fun summer adventures.

We had an AMAZING summer. Two Bahamas trips, two Orlando trips, one trip to North Carolina and LOTS of fun in south Florida. This is obviously going to be a massive picture share post, because I took way too many pictures (as usual).

Our first stop this summer was Bimini to celebrate my big 3-0. The trip was just so perfect. Flat seas, perfect weather, and perfect company. Here are just a few from our amazingly perfect vacay. Haha, a “few…”

After our Bimini trip, the fam drove up to Orlando for a few days to spend some time with Grandpa and Grandpa. We did a little Publix shopping (of course) and had a pizza night.

Kenzie also enjoyed some morning peek-a-boo in the hammock. Silly girl.

It was a short stay in Orlando, because it was time to drive back down south. My actual birthday was on the 18th. I woke up to the sweetest birthday present made by Maddie, spent the day in the pool and my parents threw me an amazing party. I blew out the candles with the two most perfect presents I could have ever imagined. So so so blessed. (Oh, and Scott let me take his picture too, WIN!)

And, there is better place to spend Father’s Day than on the boat and in the pool.

Speaking of pool, we did a whole lot of swimming this summer. Madison’s swimming skills are so impressive! She isn’t even four yet and she can swim the entire length of the pool. I’m so proud of her, and can’t wait to start Kenzie’s lessons when we get back to Costa Rica.

Summer fun wasn’t limited to the pool though. Here is a massive picture share of some other random summer memories.

But we were really craving some of that Bimini blue water, so back to the Bahamas we went! This time, I can’t say we had a perfect crossing or perfect weather, but even a bad day in Bimini is better than no day in Bimini. A few shares from our second trip of the summer.

And then, it was time to head to North Carolina to meet the newest addition to the Rogers family. No, no, not me! I became an Auntie to my third nephew, Everett. 

Less than 24 hours in North Carolina, and back to Florida we went. I missed my girls! Originally, we were supposed to head back to Costa Rica the next day but Scott ended up having to go to Mexico for a business trip, so the girls and I extended our stay so our summer fun could continue in the USA. A few more pics from the awesome memories we made. 

It was so fun, but it's also good to be home. Today, we went to visit the monkey lady, and I'm so eager to edit those pictures before the girls are up from their naps! Can't wait to blog those in a week or so (haha, sure).